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May 31, 2011
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~ Muscle Mom Knows Best ~
Created by Rinji Pantera
Based on these two pictures:……
Feedback is most appreciated!
Always listen to your mother, especially when she's built like a tank!

This story is rated PG-13. It contains elements of female muscle, explicit language, and mild sensuality. If this isn't your thing, then do not read any further. Otherwise, enjoy the story!

* * *

Jason an ordinary average 16 year old boy with an extraordinary mother. Though to him, it wasn't a big deal. To anyone else who met her, they would call him a lucky bastard. You wouldn't think it from looking at Jason. He was 5'7", a bit on the heavy side, and a total nerd. He had a lot of things that most boys his age enjoyed having: comic books, anime, and lots of sci-fi DVDs. He even had a Playstation 3, which he spent a lot of his afterschool hours and his weekends glued to.

Then there was his mother. Her name was Melanie. She was in her upper 30s, 5'9", short and thick brown hair, and a single mom with Jason as an only child. But what made her special was not what most people would think. Jason had fairly good grades and he either got along with those who hung out with him or was avoided by those who didn't like him. But there was a reason for that. No, what made Melanie rather unique was that she was covered from head to toe in sculpted muscle that made her stand out in a grocery story like a lit up Christmas tree in the middle of a dark forest.

Where as Jason had a plump belly that indicated his rather inactive lifestyle, his mother was a fox that turned heads everywhere she went! Of course, there were those who were repulsed by her appearance. But it was something she expected by now. But ever since she had that first meeting with the high school principal concerning an unfortunate encounter that Jason had with a mean bully, Jason's life at school would never be the same. He was nearly expelled when after the principal failed to take sufficient action to do anything about the bully, Melanie took matters into her own hands and had Jason lead her to the classroom that bully was in. To say that the bully pissed his pants was an understatement. One threatening flex of her bulging biceps, and he completely changed his tune. She never laid a hand on the boy, nor did she threaten to lay a hand on him. Her mere presence was all that was needed.

Since that day, Jason had become the envy of even the most hardened jocks. Even some of the girls felt this way. Word of Jason's mother being an amazon spread like wildfire! And yet, Jason himself failed to see what the big deal was. Having known his mom like that his whole life, he figured that a lot of mothers were built like his.

One quiet Saturday, Jason had just finished eating lunch in his New York City highrise apartment, when he went into the living room to play his favorite Playstation 3 game. He had been striving to earn the hard-to-get game achievements that were unlocked after certain requirements were met. And while Melanie had normally tolerated this only because Jason was keeping his school grades up, she had recently decided that if Jason wanted to be popular at school, it would no longer be at her expense.

After spending an hour pumping some 100 lbs iron in her bedroom, Melanie emerged and went straight for the living room. She was normally a sweet-natured woman who cared for her son very much; even completely accepting of all his physical faults. She never liked the idea of trying to force him to look a certain way. But this time was different.

"Hey sweetie. Let's say you get outside for a while and get some fresh air. You're going to waste your life away playing that thing." Melanie said.

But Jason had other plans, "Can I do that later, mom? I'm getting very close to unlocking the ultimate achievement that I've been working on for weeks."

But Melanie has had enough. She had let Jason brush off her suggestions for far too long. She should've done this a lot sooner, but she was too concerned about keeping Jason happy. Not to mention she had the tools to ensure that Jason did as he was told.

"SMASH!!" came the sound of Jason's PS3 caving in and erupting in some sparks.

Melanie had just buried her fist into the video game console like it was nothing!

"Mom! Why did you do that!? You just..." Jason tried to protest.

But Melanie's entire body flexed dangerously as she went from that sweet-natured dispostion to that of a someone you don't cross.

"Now you listen to me! I don't give a shit about your "achievements"! Those are not real achievements! If you want to achieve something, then start exercising and try to lose some of that weight! You want to be overweight your whole life?! You'll never get a good-looking girlfriend looking like that! Now get your ass outside to fresh air, no-lifer!" Melanie shouted.

Jason's eyes were wide with fear. There were times like this when Melanie would snap at him like this. And while he always tried to see what he could get away with, these were one of those times that crossing her was a bad idea.

"Y-y-y-yes mom." Jason whimpered as he shuffled off the recliner and hurried to the door to put his shoes on.

"And don't come back for at least two hours! It's time you learned to appreciate the outdoors! Go wherever you want, but just stay out of trouble!" Melanie yelled as he opened the door to leave.

Melanie was in a bad mood now. She hated feeling like this. But after everything she's been through with him, enough was enough. Year after year, it was the same thing. Jason would come home and brag about how people would suck up to him, just because they wanted to have her for a mother, or even...

An idea just dawned on her. Since Jason would soon be back to his old ways by tomorrow, she needed something that would really make the message, for him to get in shape, really sink in. After Jason had left, Melanie put her plan into action. Jason had a best friend named Brian, who she had once accidentally noticed a magazine he had on him. It was a female bodybuilder magazine that showed pinups of some of the sexiest looking muscular women this side of New York. She had figured it was them talking about female bodybuilders in general.

* * *

But a year ago, when she was supposed to be out grocery shopping, she had forgotten her grocery list and hurried back to retrieve it. The boys were in Jason's room talking up a storm, that neither of them heard her return. She had grabbed her list and was going to go in Jason's room to ask if he wanted to take his friend along, when she heard Brian tell Jason out of the blue that he really thought Jason's mom was very attractive and how he wished he had a mom like her. He even drove his point home and told Jason how a lot of guys were talking behind his back about how they would gladly treat her like a queen. They would wonder how someone like Jason could be related to a gorgeous woman like his mother. Of course, this led to an argument between them that got a little heated.

But Brian hardly cared what Jason would try to say in his defense. Even if Jason's mom was the strictest parent in the world, he would still be the happiest guy on Earth to be related to her. The boys started to argue over this as Melanie stepped back from the door and began to blush. Maybe it was her intimidating appearance, but she never realized just how liked she was. It was an euphoric feeling being desired like this. It was a silly notion of course, since Jason's friends and classmates were not exactly grown up yet. But still, she felt very flattered by this revelation. She decided to just leave without a word.

* * *

Melanie picked up the phone, having Brian's phone number in the list of important numbers just in case. She called Brian's house, when luckily Brian himself answered.

Brian: "Jason?"

Melanie: "Actually, this is his mother. How are you today?"

Brian: "I'm-I'm doing fine actually. Is Jason okay?"

Melanie: "Oh yes, he's doing just fine. Actually, I was wondering if you'd like to come over and have dinner with us? Jason's been pretty bored this weekend and would no doubt be thrilled to have someone other than me to talk to. And perhaps you and I could also get to know each other. There's a lot more to me than just these muscles you know."

Brian had paused on the other end, feeling a rush of excitement build up inside him. Was she really suggesting what he thought she was?

Brian: "That would be great! Can you hold on a minute while I ask my dad?"

Melanie: "Sure!"

Melanie heard some faint talking in the background, but she could make out Brian asking his father about coming over. She wasn't quite able to hear what his father was saying due to his more quiet tone. But she got her answer when she heard the phone on Brian's end shuffle as he picked it back up.

Brian: "Awesome! He said yes!"

Melanie: "Great! Can you be here in, say, 15 minutes?"

Brian: "Better give me 30 just in case."

Melanie: "Alright then. I'll see you when you get here!"

Brian: "Thanks! I look forward to seeing you! I mean..."

Melanie giggled: "Bye!"

She hung up the phone and grinned. She figured that would give her enough time to take a quick shower and change into a fresh shirt and a skirt. After she finished that, she walked over to her mirror and did a quick series of muscle flexes, which made her feel turned on as her form fitting shirt sported several bulges from her exceptionally built muscle. Her body was a chiseled display of size and power that could easily earn her a top spot at pretty much any competition! Melanie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As tempting as it was, she had to remember who was coming over. She put on an evening robe that hid her muscular physique really well and started dinner.

Twenty minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Melanie answered it to see that Brian had arrived.

"Hello Brian!" Melanie said warmly.

"Hello Miss Thompson." Brian said abashedly.

"Come in and have a seat in the living room." Melanie offered.

Brian walked inside and did what she said. He sat down on the couch as Melanie went into the kitchen. She came out carrying two glasses of milk.

"Here you go." Melanie said as he handed one to Brian.

"Oh, thanks!" Brian said as he accepted.

After a couple sips, Brian looked around expecting Jason to show up.

"Say um, is Jason in his room?" Brian asked.

Melanie sat down next to Brian and leaned forward to sip her own glass.

"Acutally, I sent him out for a a little bit. But he should be home in a short while. I figure he'll be glad to have you to talk to." Melanie said.

"Yeah, I've noticed how he's been pretty withdrawn as of late. It's been a few days since I even hung out with him. I don't know. I sometimes think I may have gone a bit too far with him..." Brian said, as he paused.

Melanie turned to face him, "Oh? Did something happen between you two?"

Brian looked straight ahead, unable to meet her gaze, "It was a year ago. Me and Jason were in his room talking when...well...I told him that..."

But Brian realized what he was about to say, and had a hard time getting it out. Melanie put a gentle hand on his shoulder, which made him blush almost beet red.

"It's ok. You can tell me. I promise it'll stay between us." Melanie reassured him.

Brian forced himself to meet her gaze, the look in his eyes betraying how he felt.

"Well it's just...I told him that I thought you were very attractive and that I wished my mom looked as good as you." Brian said rather quickly before his nerve failed him.

Melanie giggled, "Awww, thank you sweetheart! I'm flattered that you think that. But I'm sure you understand that I'm a little too old for you."

Brian was certainly no idiot. But it didn't change the fact that hearing her say that dampened his spirits somewhat. She was right of course. But he was still old enough to understand physical attraction really well. He has had two girlfriends in his life so far. But neither of them lasted when he would try to play rough with them. They were too delicate, and would break up with him because they didn't appreciate being treated like a guy in the way he would wrestle around with them. But the truth had steadily become apparent to him when he realized that that was what he wanted in a woman, to be able to play as rough with her as he wanted and even be overpowered with ease.

He took it pretty well though. Melanie giggled a little more, set her glass of milk down, and rolled up her sleeve, exposing her bicep.

"Tell you what. Would you like to feel some of my muscles?" Melanie offered.

"Wow, I'd-I'd love to!" Brian stuttered.

Melanie held her arm out for him as he squeezed the wide ball of muscle. Even relaxed, it was no easy feat for him. He felt the slightly protruding thick vein, and felt himself really getting into this. Melanie winked at him as she made a fist with her hand and caused her bicep to become a rockhard peak that forced Brian's hand out of his already-feeble squeeze. The vein he had felt became very prominent as it bulged from her skin and coiled randomly across like a snake. Brian blushed heavily as he let his growing excitement turn to something greater when he felt himself leaning forward to kiss her cannonball of a bicep.

But Melanie pulled her arm away and held up a hand, "Whoa, easy there tiger. Let's not get carried away there."

Brian felt very embarrassed, "S-sorry! I didn't mean..."

"It's okay, sweetheart. Now then, have you ever seen abs like these up close?" Melanie asked as she lifted the front of her shirt to reveal a washboard stomach complete with a chiseled six-pack that looked like it was carved from stone.

Once again, Brian felt the blood rush to his head as he felt his hand being guided by Melanie's own hand as it rubbed over muscle that he felt belonged to She Hulk. His face had turned so red that he thought he might pass out. She let his hand go and covered her abs back up.

"You ok there? If you're not comfortable with this, then I'll stop." Melanie said out of concern.

But Brian desperately wanted more, "N-no, I'm...I'm..."

Melanie giggled once again as she decided on one more little show before she called it quits. She put one of her powerful tree trunk thighs up on the wooden table and hiked her skirt up just enough for her quads to be fully visible. She gave her leg a powerful flex as her quad muscles exploded into view, turning her leg into a shredded display of sinew that made Brian's jaw feel like it hit the floor.

"I bet you've never seen legs like this before." Melanie teased a little.

Brian wanted to touch her leg so badly. Melanie saw this, and once again took his hand and placed it over her heavily bulging quads. As Brian rubbed over that one spot, the sound of the door opening grabbed their attention.

"Mom!?" came a shocked voice.

Melanie and Brian looked up at the door to see that Jason had just walked in. He was visibly trembling and looking like he had just seen a ghost. It didn't even process in Brian's head right away that his best friend was looking over at him, while he still had his hand on one of the strongest muscles he had ever felt. It wasn't until Jason shut the door behind him that Brian jerked his hand back.

"W-what are you doing?" Jason asked, bewildered.

Melanie had a scowl on her face, "What does it look like? We were waiting for you to return home so we could all have dinner together. Brian mentioned how he liked muscular women, so I offered to let him feel some of my muscles. That's all."

But Jason's brain wasn't even working right for him to process this.

"Why are you touching my mom like that?" Jason asked Brian suddenly.

But Brian was still unsure how to handle this situation.

But instead, Melanie jumped in, "You really need to calm yourself. You have seen me flex my muscles lots of times and felt the same flexed muscles that Brian just did. You used to find it fascinating back when you were younger. You really need to stop making a big deal out of this. Perhaps if you would take my advice and start working out yourself, then maybe you would come to understand why Brian here appreciates a strong woman. A lot of other women would love to have a guy with muscles even half as big as mine! So you can either be glad to see your best friend, or you can go to your room while Brian and I have dinner by ourselves!"

That struck a chord right there, as Jason walked into the living room and sat down in the recliner. He never gave much thought to the type of woman that his mother was. He couldn't even remember being like that with her muscles. He just didn't see anything unusual about it. So then just what was normal?

Jason took a deep breath, "Alright, fine! Thank you for having him over."

Melanie stood up and walked towards the kitchen, "There, you see? That wasn't so bad. You really need to learn to loosen up."

Brian leaned across the table towards Jason, "She's right, you know. It was nothing bad or anything. She wouldn't even let me..."

But Jason cut her off, "Hey, she's still my mother so watch it!"

"Keep it civil now!" Melanie called from the kitchen.

Dinner went smoothly enough as the three all talked about bodybuilding together for the first time. Jason mostly listened as Brian traded some rather impressive anecdotes about working out and told her that he had recently joined a gym. Melanie looked to Jason and offered to sign him up at the gym Brian is going to so they can start working out together. Finally coming to terms with the reality that he was not exactly in any good shape, Jason found a new determination and accepted her offer. This was the best thing Melanie could ever hear from her son.

* * *

It has been three years now since that day. Both Jason and Brian finished high school and graduated with honors. Both of their parents had become friends and had started sharing in Melanie's own level of bodybuilding. To say that Brian's parents felt a renewed sense of excitement between them was an understatement. As for Jason, he had gone from a chubby 16 year old to a 19 year old powerhouse that could lift more than half the football team. He and Melanie became more than just mother and son. They had become best friends who could now comfortably talk about things that would've been inappropriate back then.

As for Brian; he too had become a nicely built young man who, despite his freckles, was quite dashing. He had been asked out on more than one occasion by various young women. But he had come to know precisely what he wanted in his ideal woman, and turned them all down.

After their graduation party, Brian decided to stay with Jason for a bit and talk about going on their first road trip together. Jason decided to head out in his new car, a gift from Melanie for graduating as well as he did, to go buy some supplies for the trip while Brian remained behind.

Brian was once again alone with Melanie, the first time since that last time back then. And while he had changed a lot since then, he was still the same nervous person he was while in Melanie's presence. For she had also changed. Her entire physique had nearly doubled in size and density. She was so strong, that she could lift the front end of her car.

And while Brian would love to have someone like her as his girlfriend, his friendship with Jason was too important to him to create such awkwardness, even if he could be with her now. Still, he had to say it.

"Say, Miss Thompson? I wanted to tell you something." Brian said as he once again blushed heavily.

Melanie turned to face him, "Oh? What is it?"

Brian thought he was out of his mind. But without hesitation, he leaned over and placed a hand on Melanie's cheek and kissed her. Melanie was startled at first, but then she closed her eyes and tenderly kissed him back. Their embrace lasted for almost a minute before Brian finally parted lips with hers. For the first time, Melanie was the one blushing.

"Wow Brian. What was that for?" Melanie asked.

Brian smiled abashedly, "I just wanted to kiss the first woman I was truly attracted to. That and I wanted to thank you for getting Jason to lift weights with me. He's become a much cooler guy since he started bulking up."

Melanie smiled back warmly, "He certainly needed a kick in the ass."

After a few minutes, Jason walked in the door carrying two large bags of food and supplies. Brian hurried over to take one as they went into the kitchen to sort them out. As Jason walked into the next room for a moment, Brian leaned over towards Melanie.

"Um, please don't tell Jason we kissed." Brian implored.

Melanie suppressed a chuckle, "Don't worry. It's our little secret."

And so the two friends began their journey on the path of life together. Eventually, their roads would diverge as Jason met and fell in love with this beautiful and busty brunette while Brian met a young woman who was an absolute freak of muscle! She even put Melanie to shame! Suffice to say, the two bodybuilders fell head over heels with each other and began their own lives together as they shared pleasures that very few people could even dream of. And it was all thanks to Melanie Thompson, the muscular mom who helped make it all possible!


Muscle Mom Knows Bestby RinjiPantera

Literature / Prose / Fiction / General Fiction / Short Stories©2011-2014 RinjiPantera
This story is my latest in the line of picture-inspired stories. This particular one was based off two pictures that were made by :iconritualist:

These are the pictures this story was based on:

Now given the subject matter, especially on the second picture, I had to alter the content to ensure it was appropriate enough while still allowing some muscle worship. Hopefully, I succeeded in that.

Anyway, I hope you all like the story! :)
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RinjiPantera Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I figured that would be the biggest nitpick. These latest stories are just burst of inspiration I follow for fun.
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